diifficcult dog boarding

Noah’s Ark Boarding Kennel facility was built on sprawling 5+ acre land in the outskirts of DeLand, the heart of Florida. Our beautiful, secluded property was designed for comfortable and at the same time safe housing of animals given to our care. While we are known for our general boarding kennel capabilities, our structures are also designed to host what many consider as “difficult dogs”- large breeds, aggressive animals and/or other behaviorally challenged animals. Difficult dog boarding is ok with us.

Noah’s Ark Boarding Kennel team is ready to welcome all  – so called – difficult dogs

Thanks to decades of our K-9 Professional training experience (see our history at K-9Specialists.com), we can handle and board also large and even aggressive dogs that no one else welcomes. Whether your companion is Pit Bull, German Shepherd, Rottweiler or any other breed that many kennels shy away from, we can help.

We will keep your dog safe, and – if requested & contracted – can even work with him/her on her aggression while you are away. Our environment is safe and secure. As we are specialized in professional dog behavior modification, you can rest assured that your dog will be safe with us.

Noah’s Ark offers:

  • Large dog boarding
  • Aggressive & behaviorally challenged dog boarding
  • Supervised socialization with resident dogs
  • Daily supervised walks
  • Aggression and Behavioral modification training (upon request, provided via K-9Specialists.com)
  • Pickup and drop off service subject to availability, size and aggression type of your dog

Please read terms below

  • Current on vaccinations for rabies, parvo and distemper; titer results within prior 3 months accepted for parvo and distemper; for rabies we need to see a valid vaccination record as that one is a legal requirement
  • Copy of current dog registration license for your city or county
  • Your dog needs to be free of diseases and pests; especially ticks, fleas and worms
  • Special pricing at $85/day applies (approval prior your arrival is necessary)

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