Noah’s Ark Grooming Services

Our grooming professionals treats each and every pet as a special companion. All animals need some form of grooming from time to time and we have experience in grooming on all types of breeds in many different sizes and shapes. Most importantly, our stylists don’t just do their job, they love what they do. You’ll see that love in action every time you give your precious pet to our caring attention.

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Grooming Service
Small Dog
Medium Dog
Large Dog
X-tra Large Dog
Regular Deshed
Bath, Conditioner, Blow Dry, Brush, Nails, Ears $30 $40  $55  $80
Neat & Tidy Groom
Bath, Conditioner, Blow Dry, Brush, Trimming of Face, Feet & Butt, Nails, Ears  $35 $45  $60  $85
Seasonal Groom w Facial: Bandana
Seasonal Scent Shamboo & Conditioner, Plumb Facial, Brush, Blow Dry, Deshed or Neat & Tidy Groom, Nails, Ears  $40  $50  $65  $90
Dead Sea Mudd Bath Spa Day
Bath, Conditioner, Dead Sea Mudd Bath Treatment, Conditioning Paw Pad Treatment, Deshed or Neat & Tidy, Nails Trimmed & Painted, Ears Cleaned, Bandana  $50  $60  $75  $100
Full Grooming Package
Bath, conditioner, blow dry, brush, full body hair cut, nails and ears  $40  $50  $65  $75
Anal Gland Expression
 $15  $15  $15  $15
Facial Treatment
 $5  $5  $5  $5
Toe Nail Painting
 $10  $10  $10  $10
Teeth Brushing
 $15  $15  $15  $15
Conditioning Paw Pad Treatment
 $5  $5  $5  $5
 $5  $5  $5  $5
Nail Trims
 $13  $13  $13  $13
Regular Bath
$10  $10  $10  $10

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